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Everyone is welcome to attend!!

 Next Meeting 

 February 21, 2019 Bayside Middle School 6.30 - 7.45pm.
Check back on our Facebook Event page or send us an email or Pm on Facebook if you'd like to join us!


2018 Meetings:
You are invited to attend the next CPF, Saanich meeting at Bayside Middle School.

Our meeting will commence at 6.30 - 7.30 pm.  Please come and bring a friend!   Join us and learn Why we are involved and What we plan to do to support your students.

We are seeking new secretary and will be voting in our remaining projects and projects for the latter part of 2018.    We plan to have FUN and would love for you to be part of this important parent group.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us out during the year.  Even if you can only spare a few hours to help out we'd love to hear from you.

For many of you, your membership may be due for renewal. 

Note: 80% of all fees will come back to the Saanich Chapter to help us provide more resources and support.  So please consider joining.

CPF membership costs  only $25/year  or $60 for a three-year membership.



Last Adopted Minutes : 


Download this file (Agenda March 2016.docx)Agenda March 2016[March Agenda 2016]30 Kb
Download this file (Agenda November 2016.docx)Agenda November 2016[Agenda November 2016]30 Kb
Download this file (Agenda October 2016.docx)Agenda October 2016[Agenda October 2016]30 Kb
Download this file (AGM minutes 10 May 2018.docx)Minutes AGM 2018[ ]20 Kb
Download this file (CPF Meeting Minutes October 11, 2018.pdf)Minutes October 2018[Minutes and attachments of CPF October 2018 meeting.]159 Kb
Download this file (CPF Minutes 12 Oct 2017.pdf)Minutes October 2017[CPF Minutes October 2017]75 Kb
Download this file (Minutes 10 May 2018.docx)Minutes May 2018[ ]20 Kb
Download this file (Minutes 16 Nov 2017.docx.pdf)Minutes November 2017[CPF Minutes November 2017]133 Kb
Download this file (Minutes 22 Feb 2018.docx)Minutes February 2018[ ]29 Kb
Download this file (Minutes 25 Jan 2018.docx)Minutes January 2018[ ]25 Kb
Download this file (Minutes February 2016.docx)Minutes Feb 2016[Minutes Feb 2016]38 Kb
Download this file (Minutes January 2016.docx)Minutes January 2016[Minutes January 2016]36 Kb
Download this file (Minutes September 2016.docx)Minutes September 2016.docx[Minutes September 2016]35 Kb